380 MM

2,2 KG

Recoil chock

100 M/S

600 BB/M

Bolt lock


Folding stock


40 BBs

MP7A1 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) is new design with both light weight & performance integrated. A solution for combat troops, special units, staff personnel, vehicle crew, medical staff, logistic troops & military police. It used by German Army, GSG9, South Korea SWAT etc.

Features :
Plastic made body frame.
Metal Flash hider with removable head cap. You can exchange with the head cap with Marui MP7A1 AEG.
Forward Folding Grip with Safety Lock.
Removable Side Rail and upper rail allow attachment of Scopes, flashlights & laser sights.
Metal made removable folding front and rear sight.
New Hard-kick blowback system with bolt locked after the last shot.
Adjustable hopup system.
Ambidextrous magazine release, fire selector, bolt catch and charging handle fit for both left/right hand user. 4 position retractable stock is versatile for combat situation (Marui MP7A1 AEG only have 2 position retractable). Ready to go for 288 FPS (using 134a gas, recommended) / 320 FPS (using green gas) without modification. Included 40 round long magazine.
8KG (134a) gas is recommended.

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